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Those who know me, know me as an educator, trainer, facilitator and mentor.  For over forty years, I have contributed to improving the lives of thousands of children, youth, teachers and adults in the Caribbean. I spent 22 years in teaching and training (Ministry of Education and the Management Institute for National Development) and seventeen and a half years in International Development work (United States Agency for International Development/Jamaica). However, I am here today, as the owner of inspirededucator.blog. After spending my first year in retirement exploring how best I may continue to contribute to education, I conclude that there is no ‘single’ best way. I decide to write.

I will develop content to assist parents to help their young children learn. I will use this medium to share my experiences. I will share what others write. I may even share what I believe to be ‘notable’ practices. As a grandmother, I have effectively enhanced my teaching skills and honed other skills while assisting my grandson to learn to read. I also learnt how mean today’s children who bully others can be. I am learning a lot. I will share with you.

Who am I?

I am Claire Spence. I successfully served in the Jamaican education and training sectors   working for the Jamaican and United States Governments at all levels of the education system; from early childhood to the tertiary level. I successfully pioneered the following in the early reading sector in Jamaica: Summer Reading Camp for at-risk children; Early Grade Reading Assessment Instruments; Gender manual for primary schools; Lesson Plan Manuals for Grades 1-3; and implementation of Parents’ Places. I also served as a highly-respected Trainer and Consultant in Jamaica and the Caribbean region. I served in several management positions, and amassed a considerable wealth of knowledge, and experience.

I am competent in the areas of curriculum development, project management, problem solving, general management, and human resource management.

Selected Awards

I am an awardee of the prestigious 1999 Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship   Scheme to Promote Commonwealth Understanding, the 2011 Mico University College 175-year Anniversary Award for Distinguished Service and the 2014 Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Service to Education in Jamaica.

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