Common sense traveling tips

Compact handy luggage scale

So you are traveling…..  Do you know the weight of your luggage? You should. I will share some tips that will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and save you some embarrassment at the airport’s check-in counter. There are many airline luggage restrictions that you need to know whenever you are traveling. If you know the exact weight of packed luggage, you will never have to pay unexpected money for overweight luggage. A luggage scale may therefore become an essential travel accessory.

Think before you pack. Secure a scale so that after you pack you may check the weight of your luggage.  I found the scale in the above picture at one of my hometown pharmacies. You could invest in a handy luggage scale which may also be purchased on line. Always remember that the customer service agent will charge you extra for an overweight bag. Airlines are governed by international rules and guidelines. An overweight bag is an additional item of cost.

Each time I arrive at an airport and stand in line to get my luggage checked and to secure my boarding card, I observe many persons carrying multiple overweight bags. Remember, each checked-in bag can weigh up to 23kg (50lb) before you incur additional fees for overweight. Ignorance is not an excuse.

You may avoid embarrassment if you pre-check the weight of your luggage ahead of arriving at the airport. If you guessed the weight of your luggage, you may be surprised that it weighs more and therefore you may be required to add another checked bag and/or re-pack.  

Here are a few suggestions that will save you some embarrassment and may serve to improve your experience while checking in at the airport.

  • Know your baggage allowance. It is written on your e-ticket.
  • Check the weight of your luggage at home.
  • Re-pack, if you must.
  • Add another checked bag before arrival at the airport.
  • Prepare to pay extra charges at the airport for luggage exceeding the mandatory allowance.

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