So…..I learned to love caterpillars

Why? I love to see the green and yellow butterflies in my garden.  If we kill ‘annoying’ caterpillars, we will see fewer butterflies in our gardens.

You may kill a caterpillar because the caterpillar killed your scotch bonnet pepper tree.  However we do need these ‘annoying’ caterpillars. Whenever you are tempted to kill a caterpillar, do pause and give some thought to the life cycle of the butterfly, and gently remove it to another section of your garden.

As a child, I would kill every caterpillar in my father’s garden. Today, I am wiser. I remember that the creation includes a web of interconnected parts, interconnected insects and animals. Adult butterflies and caterpillars are important sources of food for bats and birds. Butterflies feed on nectar from flowers and help to pollinate plants. Plants rely on these butterflies that are pollinators for reproduction.

Butterflies eat weedy plants and whenever butterflies are in abundance in our garden it means that we are existing in healthy environment, healthy ecosystem, free from pesticides.

So, if you want to enjoy butterflies in your garden, do not kill those ‘annoying’ caterpillars.

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