Invite your child’s friends to spend time with your family

Yes, each family has the responsibility to send children, who learn to honor and respect everyone, to school. In so doing, obeying school rules will become one of those things that will come naturally. The world of work awaits your children and that world is governed by rules. Our children must learn that reality and know that non-conformance to company rules will come with consequences. Similarly, non-conformance to school rules will come with a price.

There are many things that all parents could do to contribute to making schools safer. Today, I will suggest a few simple activities that any parent could try to implement at home.  

  • Engage your children in conversations about issues that concern them. Ask questions. Allow your children to ask questions. Get their opinions. Ask them to suggest solutions that would benefit themselves and others. Always ask the ‘What if?’ question.
  • Set simple, easy to follow, rules at home. Help your children to obey them. Provide guidance and love when your children disobey. Do not be severe and excessive in correcting your children.
  • Become friends of your children. You will be better able to detect warning signs, if you are your child’s best friend.
  • Know your children’s friends. Invite them to your home or to share fun activities together at the neighborhood space. You do not need much to entertain children. They will enjoy lemonade and cookies in a safe-play environment.
  • Become actively involved in your local Parents’ Teachers Association (PTA). This is your opportunity learn about school activities. This is your opportunity to volunteer and be involved in school activities.
  • Get professional help if your child displays anti-social behavior that overwhelms you. You may be surprised to learn there are many resources in your school neighborhood that are accessible to you. There are many persons who have had similar experiences; many of whom would like to help you. Yes, there are may persons who will help you. Remember, early intervention is often better than waiting until it may be too late.

Parents/Guardians are first teachers and role models. Our children learn so much from us.  We all want our children to be safe at school. They can be safe when we contribute by doing our part at home and by making our homes safe, happy spaces to grow our children. Whenever we all succeed at doing this, we will contribute by sending well-adjusted, happy children to school.

Talk soon


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