Sometimes we need a helping hand

Home-based schooling is imposed upon most households during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What is home-based schooling? Home-based schooling is the process of educating children at home. Whether we like it or not, we are in the business of conducting some version of home-based schooling, and there is no right nor wrong way to get this done. Let us ‘wing it’, or rather let us give it our best effort and hope we get some great results.

Home-based schooling is difficult for many parents and more so for those parents who are illiterate. An illiterate person is not able to read and write. Therefore, home-based schooling becomes more difficult if not impossible. Many households are not equipped to accommodate home-based schooling. For many of us, the house has no space to accommodate a learner-friendly area. There are many variables that are not in place and we feel that we are going to get this home-schooling thing very wrong.

The sudden arrival of COVID-19 caught school administrators in a state of unpreparedness. I therefore suggest that school administrators add an extra layer of support for those of parents who are deemed to be illiterate.

My suggestions are:

  • Set up a hotline to assist parents who are not able to read and write.
  • Provide classroom/subject teachers with resources to assist parents who are unable to read and write.
  • Activate a feedback mechanism so that students needing ‘special’ assistance will be able to access such assistance.
  • Identify older students/monitors who are willing to provide on-line peer support and incentivize this service.
  • Identify parents in need of greater support and arrange to drop off materials at those homes that are less endowed with reading and technological resources.
  • Devise some protocol to relate to parents so that illiterate parents will not be embarrassed to access the support that school provides.

Stay safe

Talk soon

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